Infographic: Old media vs new media

New media seems to have old media on its heels, but is it really so black and white?


Both old and new media are discussed at length these days. Most conversations on the topic revolve around how the new media industry is growing exponentially while old media is dying a slow and well-deserved death. And it's hard to argue with the notion, at least on the surface; digital content publishers like YouTube and Netflix are breaking records every year while it seems like everyone under the age of 30 has decided to stop watching television.

Has the world really completely digitized? Are we slowly but surely resigning all other content mediums such as newspapers, television and radio to the aisles of history?

Ahead of this years DATAx festival in New York, Innovation Enterprise takes a deeper look at the ongoing struggle between new media and old media, focusing on the trends, the statistics and the demographic splits, and the surprising insights we've garnered from it all.

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