Nucleas SmartApp offers hearing-impaired Android users increased connectivity

Cochlear announces implantable hearing solution on Android operating system.


The Nucleas SmartApp is to be released on Android platforms across the US and Canada, implantable hearing solutions provider Cochlear Limited has announced. The technology will allow users with the Nuclear 7 Sound Processor to control their hearing with the Nucleas Smart App when using a compatible Android device, as well as viewing personalized hearing information and locating mission sound processors from their smartphones.

Cochlear has also added a first-of-its-kind control feature called ForwardFocus, which will be available to compatible smartphone users of the app. The feature aids the wearer to hear in a challenging listening environment such as a noisy restaurant. It reduces distracting noise, so hearing-impaired individuals can more clearly hear conversation.

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"Embracing digital technologies that enhance the experience and hearing performance for our customers is a key focus of our product innovation," said Tony Manna, president of Cochlear Americas. "We are committed to giving people who are living with disabling hearing loss greater choices when it comes to controlling their hearing experience."

According to the World Health Organization, hearing loss affects 466 million people worldwide and almost 50 million people in the US.

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