No Flex, Please, We're Skittish

A Deloitte survey finds that many workers are leery of the career impact from taking advantage of nontraditional work schedules.


Your company may have gone to great lengths to create flexible work arrangements, but that doesn't mean employees are comfortable with them. In a survey of more than 1,600 workers, Deloitte found plenty of concern that taking advantage of formal programs (such as telecommuting, flex-time, or part-time schedules) and informal programs (taking time off for personal activities such as errands or children's events) would harm careers. What would make employees feel more secure? If executives were more open about their own needs and practices in this regard.

Don't Know
Taking advantage of formal flexible-work policies will
harm my career
Taking advantage of informal policies will harm my career48%42%10%
Would feel more comfortable
taking advantage of informal policies if leaders were more open about their own needs and practices

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