Nielson Auto Cloud offers insights to automotive marketers

Nielsen and J.D. Power join an alliance to create a platform to improve marketing performance


Nielsen, the global information, data and measurement firm, has announced the launch of its new cloud solution platform, Nielsen Auto Cloud, which it has developed in partnership with J.D. Power.

The Nielsen Auto Cloud will incorporate marketing and measurement company J.D. Power's sales data and Nielsen's Marketing Cloud to offer automotive marketers' car-buyer intelligence and audience data insights that will aim to improve media investments and marketing outcomes.

Additionally, Nielsen's latest cloud solution will offer an always-on frequency and in-flight analytic feature to measure and control ad campaign lifecycle in its entirety, which will aim to offer marketers access to real-time sales and user response data, as well as the ability to monitor and control the frequency with which people will see an ad.

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Arun Kumar, chief data and marketing technology officer at marketing solutions provider IPG, said: "The Nielsen Auto Cloud gives us incredible access to granular data from Nielsen complemented by insights from J.D. Power, allowing us to create high-value audiences for our clients.

"With this, we will strengthen our Audience Measurement Platform, improving our ability to target car buyers based on a variety of criteria including their preferred brands, car models, styles and features," Kumar noted. "That means better performing media investments for our auto clients, more innovative marketing solutions and, ultimately, better consumer experiences."

Using the data derived from Nielsen and J.D. Power, the platform will target customers with a tailored advertising message based on criteria such as car features and styles, buying stage, brand affinities, media engagement, geolocation and device type.


Written by Innovation Enterprise Digital Content Editor, Simorin Pinto

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