Nielsen launches cross-platform media planning tool

Local Nielsen Media Impact offers media professionals cross-platform, data-driven analytics to drive ROI on media buying


Nielsen, US data, and measurement company have launched its new platform, Local Nielsen Media Impact, which will aim to analyze the US local media landscape.

The Local Nielsen Media Impact platform will offer data derived from local US TV and radio stations which can enable media buyers, advertisers and media owners to reach their intended audience within Nielsen’s Local People Meter (LPM) which analyzes television viewership in 25 cities, Designated Market Areas (DMAs) in the US.

Additionally, the platform will aim to integrate Nielsen Scarborough, a consumer insights tool, to provide insights from cross-media channels to measure audience reach, frequency, and duplication.

Bob McCurdy, VP of Sales at Beasley Media said, "On the radio side, Local Nielsen Media Impact offers empirical data supporting radio's ability to amplify and complement TV campaigns.

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"This is the first time radio has been included in this type of multi channel media mix that enables users to derive cross-media insights with currency-grade accuracy. Nielsen Scarborough data within the NMI solution allows us to assess campaign scenarios against consumer insights."

The introduction of the new platform follows Nielsen's announcement in May to monitor YouTube views data, its partnership with Comcast in June to incorporate set-top box data for local TV measurement and July's partnership with Snapchat to enhance audience analytics.

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