Next-Generation Needs For Cash Management

Future Challenges for Treasury and Finance


The sheer complexity of cash management and general operations of the office of treasury and finance has left many companies feeling that they’re barely treading water. CFO Research recently surveyed CFOs, controllers, treasurers, and other financial leadership about the state of their office. These executives identified a clear and pressing need for the office of finance and treasury to step up its game when it comes to cash management, control management, and overall finance functions.

Respondents also revealed their top priorities for implementing improvements in the near future. In addition, they identified a variety of roadblocks they had encountered while striving to meet their goals for performing cash management and forecasting. The survey results paint a clear picture of the pressing need for a next-generation cash management solution to meet the challenges of the future.

In a world where most companies are doing business in more countries than ever before - subject to a huge range of local market conditions and individual jurisdictional concerns - CFOs need to make sure that the office of treasury and finance operates from a position of flexibility, stability, and consistency.

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