New VR services for businesses launched by UK firm

PTG targets further growth through its pureVR proposition which will attempt to help organizations improve their efficiency


UK-based IT solutions provider Pure Technology Group (PTG) has launched a new virtual reality proposition designed to help organizations enhance their services.

pureVR, PTG's latest addition to its suite of tech services, comprises multiple augmented, assisted, mixed and virtual reality (VR) technologies, and has been designed to improve an organization's "efficiency, quality, flexibility and performance". The proposition includes assistive reality wearable device Toshiba dynaEdge, hyperVSN and pureVR HR Induction.

Toshiba dynaEdge, a Google-Glass-style solution, links to a Windows 10 wearable computer and aids collaboration between in-house and remote workers. PTG technology solutions manager Simeon Banks explained that it blends on-the-job training with classroom learning and has the ability to transform the way a business using the solution can develop their apprentices.

Discussing the potential of VR technology, PTG COO Cliff Fox said: "It's far bigger than just a gaming concept. This disruptive tech has the power to remold and improve the world of work as we know it – offering a revolutionary advantage for the education, training, maintenance, field service and retail sectors particularly."

Holographic emitter technology hyperVSN, an integrated 3D holographic display system offering users an immersive visual experience, combines holographic projection units with a content management platform. The solution will target customers in the retail, design and exhibition markets.

pureVR HR Induction is an VR service that has been developed in-house. The augmented reality solution for SMEs offers a bespoke HR induction, works on smartphones and tablet devices, and can come with optional custom headsets.

PTC enjoyed a successful 2018 having reported turnover of more than £28m ($36.5m), acquired Keytech Managed Solutions Ltd and hired its 100 th employee. The company said that it hoped pureVR would support its goal of growing turnover by a further 30% in 2019–20.

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