New US data center aims to improve healthcare delivery

The New Jersey Hospital Association's data center will analyze healthcare challenges and economics


New Jersey Hospital Association (NJHA) has unveiled its new Center for Health Analytics, Research and Transformation (CHART), which will aim to deliver data-driven healthcare to citizens in the US state.

CHART will search for trends in public health and medical treatment, through the collection and analysis of data derived from various government and industry sources, as well as utilizing predictive modelling "to identify and better understand underlying problems and work with its members, policy experts and others to explore solutions".

According to NJHA, CHART's first white paper will assess and evaluate mental health and substance abuse, as it looks to determine geographical locality for the strategic placement of services, in order to improve care coordination.

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Sean Hopkins, senior VP of CHART, said: "The costs of chronic diseases are far too high, for both individuals and for the healthcare system.

"But it doesn't have to be that way. Our goal is to use data in a new way to educate providers of all types, as well as policy makers and opinion leaders, to facilitate communication and care coordination where there are opportunities for proactive change for improved chronic disease management."

Additionally, another CHART initiative will be focused "on chronic care hot spotting – that is, identifying pockets of the state where chronic diseases are driving people to the hospital", NJHA noted. The data will be leveraged to identify areas in which individuals are at high risk of being hospitalized.

NJHA stated that chronic diseases such as diabetes are manageable if individuals receive the right education, medications and care management.

Furthermore, NJHA outlined seven of the top 10 causes of death are related to chronic diseases, with approximately 75% of annual healthcare expenditure in the US individuals are for those with chronic health conditions.

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