New tech hubs launched in Brazil and South Africa to drive international growth

The introduction of tech hubs follows the expansion of technology sectors in both regions


New tech hubs to connect businesses in the UK with the emerging digital markets in Brazil and South Africa have been launched. The announcement, which was made at the 2018 London Tech Week, detailed how the hubs will be formed of locally-engaged teams based in the respective British Embassy and High Commission in Brazil and South Africa.

The announcement follows new statistics published by DCMS showing that UK tech and digital firms have seen their international trade grow by more than 20%. The UK digital and tech sectors exported more than £39 billion in services in 2016, up from £32 billion in 2015.

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"Britain is a nation of digital dynamos and we want the UK to be the best place in the world to start and grow a digital business, but we can go further," said secretary of state for digital, culture, media and sport, Matt Hancock. "We are spearheading the global digital transformation and our network of tech hubs will connect us with some of the best emerging technology hotspots across the world.

"International Tech Hubs will create positive change locally by supporting job creation, improving skills and boosting innovation partnerships, whilst strengthening our own booming digital economy even further."

The introduction of tech hubs follows expansion in the technology sectors in both regions. South Africa has one of the largest technology sectors in Africa, with over a quarter of new startups in South Africa listed in the sector. Brazil is the biggest economy in Latin America and accounts for over half of tech spending in the entire region.

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