New life-changing platform to target early onset chronic diseases

Data analytics firm IQuity has launched a "game-changing" healthcare platform able to predict and monitor diseases


Nashville-based data analytics company IQuity has launched a platform that it has claimed has the ability to predict, detect and monitor chronic diseases.

IQuity has adopted machine learning and data science to pinpoint irregularities in datasets to detect and monitor chronic diseases. The company said that the use of data will provide patients and pharmaceutical professionals with data-driven decisions that will result in improvements to patient-care by providing support to the development of new therapies while minimizing healthcare-related costs.

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IQuity CEO Dr. Chase Spurlock said: "Our work with machine learning started more than eight years ago. Recent advances in our computational abilities and machine learning methods have allowed us to look at large datasets to derive insights.

"Our first application combed through genomic data to create diagnostic tools for providers. Our new platform extends our experience and knowledge of data science and chronic disease to inform interventions across the healthcare continuum," he commented.

The launch came after a pilot study was carried out in New York which focussed on multiple sclerosis (MS) involving healthcare claims from 20 million people and 4 billion data points. The study predicted with 90% accuracy the onset of MS eight months prior to existing diagnosis methods.

According to a study by the US National Center for Biotechnology Information, an estimation of 400,000 people are victim to MS and more than 2 million live with the condition worldwide.

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