New IBM AI tool a "weather forecast" for diabetes

IBM and Medtronic have added a new feature, IQcast, to their SugarIQ platform to monitor predict likelihood of hypoglycemia


IBM Watson Health and medical device developer Medtronic have developed an AI feature, called IQCast, to monitor blood sugar levels for diabetics with the intention to prevent the occurrence of hypoglycemia.

IQCast will be added to SugarIQ, a personal diabetes app that IBM Watson Health and Medtronic launched in June 2018.

The AI-enabled feature aims to predict the likelihood of if whether the individual will experience hypoglycemia within the next 1–4 hours. "The IQcast predictive feature in the Sugar.IQ smart diabetes assistant app is like a weather forecast for people with diabetes," Medtronics said.

Dr. Robert Vigersky, senior medical director at Medtronic Diabetes, said: "Simply put, IQcast acts like a weather forecast for people with diabetes so they can better prepare for their day.

"By predicting the likelihood of a low glucose event from anywhere between 1 and 4 hours in advance, IQcast empowers people on multiple daily injections (MDI) with insights so they can live their life with greater freedom and better health," Vigersky added.

The app uses AI and advanced analytics to provide users with an overview of their current sugar levels and offers guidance to understand and manage their diabetes.

The SugarIQ app is currently only offered to US-based individuals and can only be used in conjunction with the company's Guardian Connect continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

Medtronic commented: "When using both the Guardian Connect smart CGM system in conjunction with the Sugar.IQ app, users have shown the ability to achieve an extra 36 minutes per day in a healthy glucose range."

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