New AR/VR tech to optimize online shopping experience

Ad-tech company Vertebrae launches new AR platform, Axis, to optimize sales and customer experience


Santa Monica-based Augmented Reality (AR) ad-tech platform Vertebrae has launched its e-commerce AR/VR platform named Axis targeting online retailers.

According to Vertebrae, with the adoption of Axis online businesses will be able to integrate 3D and AR technology to provide its customers with the option to virtually trial products before purchase.

Vertebrae CEO and founder Vince Cacace said: "As virtual experiences move into the mainstream, retailers can no longer afford to approach AR as a novelty or one-off experiment.

"The key to success is to meaningfully integrate AR into the commerce experience to drive conversion and sales and ensuring AR is available to any shopper, on any device, anywhere they want to shop - not simply on an app," he added.

Furthermore, Cacace explained that the new AR tool aims to simplify "the delivery of high-fidelity 3D assets within existing ecommerce environments" and as a result, provide potential consumers with enhanced levels of confidence when making purchases.

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Sony Pictures, Lionsgate and Tenth Street Hats are amongst Vertebrae's current clientele. Since the adoption of the AR tool, Tenth Street Hats have reported a 33% increase in purchases and a 74.3% increase in audience engagement.

Of this latest development from Vertebrae Tenth Street Hats CEO Carson Finkle explained: "Vertebrae's technology solves the friction problem of requiring our customers to download an app in order to have an AR product experience and handle the hard work of delivering AR to any device or operating system so that we can focus on delighting our customers."

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