Network Intelligence coverage for multicloud environments rolled out

Coverage increases visibility and security for organizations utilizing multicloud environments


Network Intelligence coverage for multicloud environments has been rolled out by ThousandEyes, reflecting organizations' increasing reliance on multiple public cloud vendors and need for security while utilizing a multicloud strategy. Using the coverage, organizations leveraging a combination of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) now have the ability to measure and visualize app and network-layer performance metrics on a cloud-to-cloud, internet-to-cloud and inter-region basis.

ThousandEyes Network Intelligence coverage includes pre-provisioned and easy-to-deploy IaaS vantage points 15 AWS regions, 15 GCP regions and 30 Azure regions, as well as Agent-to-Agent tests between Cloud Agents.

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“Without visibility into every path that applications and services traverse on the internet, enterprises are putting blind faith in the complex chain of service providers involved in delivering their digital experiences,” said Nick Kephart, senior director of product management at ThousandEyes. “They’re actively risking their end user experience and its impact on revenue, brand reputation and employee productivity, and this issue is only compounded in a multi-cloud environment.

“Some of our largest and fastest-growing enterprise customers such as Box, JLL, Okta, Slack and Zuora already rely on ThousandEyes for visibility into the cloud,” he added. “Expanding our global infrastructure to include pre-deployments directly inside major IaaS providers is a logical evolution that aligns with today’s multi-cloud reality and makes it easier than ever for them to ensure the delivery of superior digital experiences.”

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