NetDragon to aid Nigeria education system with cutting-edge technology

NetDragon plans to support Nigeria's education service system by setting up three platforms and one center focusing on the integration of technology and learning


NetDragon has teamed up with the Nigerian government to help to improve the country's education system.

Together, NetDragon and the Nigerian government established the Initiative of Digital Education in Africa (IDEA) in order to aid the development of a smart education industry in Nigeria.

IDEA will build three national platforms: A public service to supply educational resources; an integrated digital talent training platform; and a national training network for the teaching community, as well as developing plans to build a national future education experience center. The provision of digital educational resources will combine VR, AR and AI technologies to enhance learning, which the company said marked a major step toward the improvement of the Nigerian education system.

IDEA is the first advancement set out by the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by NetDragon and Nigerian officials to provide digital education.

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NetDragon's CEO Xiong Li said he hoped these platforms would "promote an educational balance" as the company's advanced technologies would enhance educational resources. The digital talent training platform will develop higher-quality talent in the country and optimize the allocation of social resources for the future. The national future education center will endorse the integration of technology into education and provide technical support for this initiative.

NetDragon also plans to donate to the smart classroom building project in Abuja, Nigeria's capital city. This scheme will introduce interactive displays, VR headsets and 101 PADs into schools. An intelligent classroom could enhance the quality of education for many Nigerian children. Resources such as these will enhance students' understanding of programming, computer graphics and design, and could even extend to a future in robotics and engineering.

The company's chairman Liu Dejian stated that IDEA's aim was "to help students across Africa benefit from the wisdom of a Chinese internet company while providing technology-enhanced education to more children".

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