Mozilla unveils new shopping add-ons ahead of Black Friday

Firefox Test Pilot team has announced two new add-on extensions, Price Wise and Email Tabs to enhance online shopping


Software developer giant Mozilla has announced its latest project of piloting two add-on extensions on Firefox, Price Wise and Email Tabs, to optimize online shopping.

According to Mozilla, the new trial features are designed to provide more choice and enhanced transparency of online shopping with options to save, share and track when shopping.

"Today, just in time for the holiday shopping season, the Firefox Test Pilot team is introducing Price Wise and Email Tabs – the latest experimental features designed to give users more choice and transparency when shopping online," Mozilla stated.

The new test-pilot was developed by Firefox's Test Pilot team which was developed in 2016 to enable anyone to trial early-stage features.

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Price Wise can be integrated by adding an extension to the Firefox browser which then allows users to add interested products to a watch list and they will then receive notifications of price drops of desired products. The Email Tab s extension offers users the option to save or share multiple links or open tabs on a user's and can be added to the user's clipboard for future reference or can be shared via email.

Price Wise and Email Tabs arrive just before Black Friday sales, most of which begin next week. However, Price Wise is currently only available to US consumers and only works with five retailers: Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Walmart and The Home Depot while Email Tabs can only be leveraged with Gmail, Mozilla stated.

Mozilla added that along with Price Wise and Email Tabs, Firefox private browsing and content blocking features, consumers can shop without the worry of being tracked.

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