Moving to Mobile Successfully

How to migrate your mobile site to an app successfully


There’s a good chance that if you’re reading this, the tab to either the right or left of this is LinkedIn. You wouldn’t be alone either, there are 300 million registered LinkedIn users around the world, but what might surprise you is that almost 50% of its traffic comes through the sites app.

This parallels what we are seeing in the digital world, with the Internet slowly but surely becoming an ‘app-o-verse’, where the world’s 360 million websites will be subject to a process of ‘appification’.

There’s an awful lot that can be done to make sure that your path to ‘appification’ goes smoothly, it’s not an easy process and involves engineers that know the difference between a brand’s desktop and its mobile experience.

Apps should in no way mimic that of a desktop; in fact, its functionality should be entirely different. The process of inputting information on a mobile is still far more time consuming than on a desktop so users look for a design that focuses only on what matters. It’s also imperative that applications take advantage of locational services whenever possible. This makes the app even more convenient and increases usability.

If you want to maintain a trustworthy relationship with your consumers, never pass off a mobile site as an application, even if you’re eager to get something on the market. Using a mobile site as a way of attempting to peak your customers’ interest is unlikely to work, with a combination of poor connectivity and inadequate features, your customers are likely to shift their allegiance to another app provider.

If this has been done, then all that’s left is to make sure that people come back to your app. It’s been reported that 90% of people are gone by 6 months, so finding new and inventive ways to interact with your customers' is absolutely essential. This is clearly easier said than done, but the message is clear, keep it simple and keep it informative.


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