Most Cost-Effective Business Promotion Tricks You Should Try Out

Business promotion tips that still work


While there are many ways to effectively promote your business, some of the most efficient methods will be well beyond the capabilities of your budget. Sure, a lot of guides will suggest you try to emulate top-dogs but, Coca-Cola, Apple and McDonald’s can afford virtually anything, while your small business might struggle to finance even the cheapest marketing campaigns. With this in mind, there are some methods that don’t cost that much, yet give you a disproportionately large ROI. Here are a few of them that might be worth your consideration.

1. Content marketing

Provided that you are already a figure of authority in your business niche (or knowledgeable enough to eventually become one), you might want to consider starting a blog and dedicating yourself to writing some quality content. Even though this method doesn’t cost much, it requires a lot of time and effort. Still, in order to pique the interest of your audience, you need to write about something they will find interesting, valuable or at very least entertaining. This is why product reviews and top 10 lists are always popular formats. Aside from this, you can also offer instructional articles such as tutorials, guides, and walkthroughs.

2. Increasing your digital footprint

Like content marketing, this business promotion tip is also cheap, yet extremely time-consuming. The first step in doing this properly lies in finding out where your audience is online. Then, by visiting these sections of forums such as Reddit and Quora, as well as numerous groups across various social networks, you can observe and comment. By doing so, you’ll learn a lot about the way in which your average customer thinks, which can turn out to be extremely valuable. Moreover, seeing how your audience is protected by the veil of anonymity they are bound to give an honest opinion, although it may sometimes come off as rash or even outright rude. By commenting or even starting a discussion, you can drive quite a bit of attention your way.

3. Promotional products

In the digital era, offers and promotion methods are starting to resemble each other, which is why you might want to try something a bit more traditional. We are talking about printing promotional products, flyers and business cards. While some may argue that this marketing technique tends to be more expensive than just registering on several social networks, the price of a quality website design can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000, and the price of printing rarely comes close to this figure. 

4. Email marketing

Even in 2017, email marketing is still a vital tool in your marketing arsenal. While some claim that email marketing is dead, this is far from true. Namely, according to some estimates, digital marketing brings you an incredible 4400 percent ROI, which is simply too strong to ignore. Aside from driving more traffic your way, it is vital in your post-sale follow-up, which means that it is also the main method for generating return-business. Still, this particular method has evolved over the last several years, mostly because more and more people access emails through their phones. This has forced email marketers to focus on more mobile-friendly formats, like video.


As you can see, while some of the above-listed tips are completely inexpensive, others require a moderate investment. Be that as it may, each of the above-listed four will bring you an incredible ROI, which will make your investment in both effort and actual resources definitely worth your while.

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