'More Requests For Flexibility And Customization Requires The Industry To Adapt'

We sat down with Aymeric Le Page, VP of Business Strategy & Transformation at Nestlé Waters


With over twelve years of expertise in business strategy and general management, Aymeric Le Page is an experienced strategy executive focusing on growth strategy, business transformation and direct to consumer. Aymeric has been VP of Business Strategy & Transformation for ReadyRefresh at Nestlé Waters North America for over a year, and shared his insight with us ahead of the Digital Strategy Innovation Summit this March 21-22 in New York.

How is data informing or changing your digital strategy?

Data and experience in eCommerce, delivery, and digital services are changing customers’ expectations in the water delivery market and companies must adapt to stay relevant in the business. 

With 1.3MM customers and 17MM deliveries a year, ReadyRefresh – the Direct to Consumer business of Nestle Waters North America – is data rich. We know our customers location, demographics, habits, and we can recommend them a wide range of healthy hydration options that meet their household and office needs.

Data gives us also the ability to support our customers through their whole hydration journey. We can predict with 80% accuracy when a customer is about to quit, and can react accordingly. Using data enables us to customize the customer experience and avoid using a one size fits all approach to this evolving market.

Do you believe that financial models in your industry will continue to change as a consequence of digital consumption habits and why?

We see trends coming from the evolving competitive landscape and changing consumer behaviors. More requests for flexibility and customization requires the industry to adapt its products/services, business/financial models, go to market approach, and operations to provide the experience customers expect

The experience we provide is not compared to other CPG or other traditional retailers anymore. The omni-channel experience we provide is compared to eRetailers such as FreshDirect and Amazon Fresh on one hand, and to digital services such as Waze, Uber, Seamless on the other hand. Our models will keep adapting in line with these different environments.

How central a role does omni-channel play in your current business strategy and will this change in the years to come?

We are transforming our traditional call center to an omni-channel contact center. We are now using Nestle Waters North America’s Consumer Engagement Center in Brooklyn to engage consumers along their journey.

We’re also building a full Command Center from acquisition to operations to retention as a way to deliver seamless and outstanding end-to-end customer experience.

We’re also fully redesigning our customer experience to provide the right level of service, and the right interaction model to our distinct customer segments.

What technologies would you bring to your business tomorrow if adoption was no object?

Helping our customers stay hydrated with healthy beverage options is key. Any technology that supports this is essential for us. We’re considering incentivizing customers to have a healthy hydration behavior by giving them an opportunity to measure and monitor their level of hydration & their consumption, either through the use of wearables or through other IoT devices on bottles and dispensers.

Rapid innovation through an ecosystem of partners will be key in remaining relevant for our consumers.

The safety of our employees is paramount. Leveraging technology to make our employees safer is key for us – self-driving vehicles, software that finds the safest routes (no left turns), semi-automated delivery solutions.

Green technology is also key for us. We’re piloting recycling programs with our customers, we’re leveraging alternative fuel, new truck technology, and new delivery solutions to provide a greener experience.

What does true Strategic Agility mean to you in light of advances made in the last year? Were there any cases that you felt best highlighted this?

Our customers growing need for flexibility, and the speed at which the delivery market is evolving requires constant evolution and strategic agility in our business.

We’re managing 20 strategic initiatives and are evolving our approach from traditional waterfall approach to more agile approaches when relevant. We’re leveraging technology to support more agile ways of working and ensure our employees are engaged, enabled, and empowered.

You can hear more from Aymeric, along with other top digital strategy executives, at the Digital Strategy Innovation Summit this March 21-22 in New York. For the full schedule, click here.


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