More Big Data Predictions

3 months after our initial predictions, we give you 4 more


Our previous predictions for Big Data in 2015 were written nearly three months ago and although the points within the article still look like they are going to be correct, we wanted to add some aspects that we think will become increasingly important.

Investment To Increase

When the bell rang after the second day of trading on Hortonworks stocks, they had exceeded their initial valuation. Since then they have been considered as a solid investment for many traders.

This success will have many companies looking at the possibility of going public or opening funding rounds in the next 12 months. Many companies have even reported that recent rounds of funding have seen unprecedented demand for investment in their companies, something that we believe will only increase in the coming year.

Expectation vs Reality Will Decrease

As more is being understood about Big Data in the business world, those who make the decisions and who ultimately have the most to gain from results will become more adept at understanding what to expect.

There have been numerous reports from almost every industry that claim disappointment from company leaders at their data programmes. This has not come from people not doing their jobs properly, but instead from people expecting too much too soon.

As people become more familiar with how the system works and what can be done with data, the expectations will start to align with reality. This in turn will allow more companies to trust their data and become more driven by it.

Sophistication Will Increase

Big Data, more than almost every other business function, is driven by technology and the underlying power of it. This technology is driving constant change and subsequently the complexities of the tasks that can be undertaken.

This process, combined with an increased understanding of how to use data platforms effectively, will lead to significantly more sophisticated data handling, analysis and storage functions.

However, this is not just a nice to have in terms of analysis, but instead will also be a necessity to compete and keep data safe. The amount of data that is now being stored is both brilliant for companies and customers, but also hackers, if they can access it.

Systems will need to become more sophisticated to make sure that the people who are looking to access this data for underhand reasons cannot do so.

Efficiency Will Grow

As we mentioned in our previous predictions, in-memory will increase in popularity as it allows for significantly faster speeds of analysis. In order for this to occur, the way that data is mined and accessed will also need to become more efficient. 

This means smoother systems, effective data storage techniques and more robust processes.

Efficiency will not just be about efficiency within data though, it will also be efficiency within systems. Durability will become as important as speed, with systems being robust and managing to stay online for longer becoming key to sustained and successful data systems.

Cloud Based Applications To Grow

Internet speeds are faster than they have ever been, the cloud is becoming more secure and companies are looking at ways to reduce the cost of their data programmes.

These three points are going to be some of key reasons why we are likely to see data platforms in the cloud becoming more and more popular before 2015 is out.

The fact that they allow for additional flexibility at a time when many want to have the capability to access their work from anywhere in the world, is also going to be a primary driver for the success of these systems.


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