Monzo launches new product aimed at couples

The new joint accounts and joint account switcher feature which allows users to switch between a primary account and a shared secondary one


Monzo has announced the widespread launch of its latest product, joint accounts. Monzo had previously launched the joint account feature to a smaller test group of customers to help it work out any latent bugs and with this announcement they confirmed they have been able to "fix bugs we found with notifications, card activation and sign up".

Along with the new feature, Monzo said it listened to its customers number one frustration with joint accounts: Difficulty switching between accounts.

"You also told us that we hadn’t made it easy enough to switch between your personal and joint accounts, so we added a fix a few weeks ago that you’ll also see in this release," the company said. The joint account switcher feature has been included in the update.

To hear more about Monzo's journey since its formation in 2015, visit the Chief Innovation Officer Summit in London on October 3–4, 2018, where Tristan Thomas, Head of Marketing and Community at Monzo, will be discussing 'how to build a community bank people actually want to use'.

The company also mentioned that since it "checks all your details when you make a personal Monzo account", it is easy to activate a joint account. You simply need to send the trusted party an invitation and it should activate immediately if they already have a Monzo account.

The company will also "send you a shiny new joint account card too" which is intended to lessen confusion between which card is which.

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