Mobile Is Here To Stay

Companies are looking beyond desktops and tablets


Despite claims to the contrary, the desktop PC isn’t dead yet. The market might need invigorating, but fourth quarter sales across Europe, Africa and the Middle East increased by two percent compared to the same time last year.

There is, however, no denying that mobile is gradually becoming the platform of choice for people at work and companies are investing accordingly. Last year, $901 million was invested in mobile tech, a figure set to be bettered in 2015. According to WirelessWeek, $1.2 billion is forecast to be spent, with small business owners becoming particularly reliant on mobile as a communication tool.

The trend is being encouraged by workers. A Deloitte study found that 78% of employees wanted more access to mobile tech at work, with 58% claiming they would turn down a job offer if it restricted mobile access. Companies now understand that mobile can represent a competitive advantage, with most allowing their employees to use personal devices while at work. Not only does this improve morale, it increases connectivity, as employees often sync their work email account with their personal device. Millennials are leading this change in the workplace. By 2025, they will make up 75% of the workforce, and will demand that mobile is the main platform at work.

The investment will be spread fairly evenly across a number of industries. But as BizTech reports, manufacturing is likely to be the greatest benefactor. As reported by Louis Columbus, mobile is ‘revolutionizing manufacturing’ by replacing current inventory systems with more responsive mobile applications.

As mentioned before, small business owners are set to profit from mobile more than most. Ricky Riberio states: 'The top items on small-business owners’ list of activities they do on their mobile devices include scheduling appointments, communicating with customers, writing and accessing notes and to-do lists, and social media monitoring and management.’ Demonstrating how important mobile is when fostering entrepreneurial spirit.

While companies should embrace mobile, they should be aware of its pitfalls too. Security threats - including that they can be easily stolen, and fears around communication interception - continue to rear their head. These can lead to data losses and security breaches.

The industry, however, continues to thrive. And as Millennials become increasing dominate at the workplace, companies will have to step up their adoption strategies. But with over $1 billion set to be invested, it seems they’ve already got the picture.

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