Microsoft unveils Fluid Framework for building "free-flowing canvases"

The company revealed the new developer technology at its annual developer conference and announced plans to integrate it into Office 365 applications later this year


Microsoft unveiled Fluid Framework, its new web-based model and platform for document creation, at its annual developer conference Build.

The tech giant has described Fluid Framework as a "developer technology" which enables web and app content to be modularized into rearrangeable, customizable components that can be used across applications. Microsoft has announced plans to integrate Fluid into some of its Office 365 applications later in the year.

"This is a new web-based platform and componentized document model for shared interactive experiences," outlined Microsoft. "Fluid will break down the barriers of the traditional document as we know it and usher in the beginning of the free-flowing canvas."

Fluid can be integrated across applications, giving users the ability to edit a document in a Microsoft application such as Word and then share a feature of that document in Microsoft Teams. In the future, it would also be possible to share the contents of documents on third-party applications that decide to integrate the technology.

Microsoft also unveiled a bevy of new software applications including Word's new AI-powered grammar and style suggestions tool, improvements to Outlook for mobile and a number of hybrid-cloud innovations across Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure.

The company recently enjoyed a brief window of time in the trillion-dollar club when its stock rose up to 4.5% on April 24. Its financial success has been most notably attributed to the cloud products it has been pushing of late as it plans takes on Amazon's AWS.

"Computing experiences are evolving to include multiple senses and are no longer bound to one device at a time but increasingly spanning many as we move from home to work and on the go," Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella explained in a Forbes interview last year.

"These modern needs, habits and expectations of our customers are motivating us to bring Windows, Office and third-party applications and devices into a more cohesive Microsoft 365 experience."

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