Microsoft to add AI features to OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint

The new AI- and ML-enabled features will increase productivity and security for companies using the software, Microsoft has claimed


Microsoft has announced that a number of AI- and machine learning (ML)-enabled features will be coming to OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint at some point "later this year" in a new blog post.

The new content storage features aim to tackle the problem many companies face when the growth of their collections of digital content make it difficult to store and later find the content when users need it.

Microsoft stated that its "upcoming capabilities, along with our recent investments, combine the power of AI and ML with content stored in OneDrive and SharePoint to help you be more productive, make more informed decisions, and keep more secure".

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One of the new features will be automated transcription features for video and audio files, allowing users the see a full transcription while viewing a video or listening to an audio file. Most crucially, users will be able to receive those services without leaving the Microsoft Cloud, meaning that the content is protected and does not get passed through any potentially insecure third-party services.

Another feature that will be available at the end of this year will be the use of secure and native AI to determine where the photos and images stored on OneDrive and Sharepoint were taken, in addition to recognizing objects and texts within the image

Also coming later in 2018 will be the AI-enabled ability to more readily reuse content so it can be included in new work, such as charts, graphics, paragraphs of text or other finished work.

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