Microsoft storms ahead in AI recruitment

With almost 2,000 AI job openings, Microsoft is the largest AI recruiter today, with Nvidia, Facebook, Netflix, Apple and Amazon also making it into the top 20


With 1,964 job openings, or 36% of total jobs currently advertised, Microsoft currently holds the title for the tech giant hungriest for AI talent, according to RS Components research which looked at the biggest recruiters in AI today.

By percentage, Nvidia closely followed Microsoft, with 33% of the total jobs (or 369 AI job openings), while Google has the second-most openings currently available with 837 jobs (18% of its overall open positions). Facebook and Netflix also made it into the top ten with 191 jobs (6%) and 35 (also 6%), respectively.

Tech giants Apple and Amazon also both made it into the top 20 in places 12 and 15, respectively.

RS research found that, overall, over the last three years demand for workers with AI skills has increased by up to 119% and the number of AI related jobs has nearly doubled due to the demand for unique skills within the technology.

The news of Microsoft's search for AI talent follows the revelation that Microsoft has entered 2019 leading the AI patent race, with 697 world class patents that the company classes as "having significant competitive impact".

In May 2018, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated that AI is the "defining technology of our times". However, he stressed the need for the technology to be developed responsibly, stating that his developers and Microsoft rivals must follow a set of human values and principles to guide the choices they make.

"The future we will invent is a choice we make, not something that just happens," Nadella said.

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