Microsoft's new data visualization tool will aim to empower storytellers

Microsoft's collab platform, Microsoft Garage, has created a new tool for Surface Hub and PC users


Microsoft Garage, a platform created to offer Microsoft employees a program to support work and creative collaborations, has created a data visualization tool which will aim to empower storytellers.

Microsoft Garage's new tool, Charts 3D, integrates the Universal Windows Platform, an application programming interface, and was created at the Microsoft India Development Center for PC and Surface Hub, Microsoft's interactive whiteboard.

According to Charts 3D program manager, Alok Agrawal: "This is only beginning, our team was originally inspired to improve data storytelling through mixed reality.

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"We are so curious to see if this first step excites users. From here, we could enhance the original prototype in a variety of directions.”

Charts 3D comprises various features including data import, which allows users to import spreadsheets, visualization tools and interactive chart options such as 3D graphs and charts. It also features analytical tools, the ability to export and save data visualizations, and a voice command option.

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