Microsoft reveals new AI cloud security service

The tech giant will be rolling out Azure Sentinel on March 7 alongside a new feature that allows users to 'ask the expert'


Microsoft has revealed it will be introducing a new AI-enabled cloud security service, Azure Sentinel, that will allow customers to view and respond to security alerts and threats across corporate networks. The company plans to roll out the service on March 7.

Azure Sentinel has been described as the "first native security information and event management (SIEM) within a major cloud platform" by Ann Johnson, Microsoft's cybersecurity solutions vice president. The service seems to be targeted at companies who are running SIEM software on their servers but want to modernize their approach. It will also cover applications running across hybrid cloud and numerous public clouds, according to company executives.

When using Azure Sentinel, "customers are able to automate 80% of the most common tasks defenders spend their time on today," explained Johnson.

The tech giant has also announced it will be rolling out an accompanying new feature on March 7 that allows users to ask Microsoft security staff detailed questions, a service titled Microsoft Threat Expert. This will let Windows Defender ATP customers utilize an 'ask the expert' button located on their dashboards which will send the question as well as supporting application or network data.

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