Microsoft and Redline partner to reduce cost of TV white space services

The new partnership aims to address the digitally disconnected rural communities within the US and worldwide


Microsoft has partnered with Redline Communications, a Canadian wireless network company to address the rural broadband gap and lower the cost of TV white space services.

The partnership is part of the company's Airband Initiative "which aims to close the broadband gap by extending access to 2 million unserved people in rural America by 2022, using a mix of technology solutions, including TV white space."

As part of the partnership, Microsoft will leverage Redlines' Virtual Fiber radio technology in the TV white space band to its Airband Initiative partners.

Microsoft director of Affordable Initiatives Paul Garnett said: "Our work with Redline will increase the availability of competitively priced TV white space technology, enabling internet service providers (ISPs) to provide access to customers at an affordable price point.

"This availability and utilization of TV white space is absolutely critical to closing the broadband gap. This partnership will bring rapid evolution to the technology, making a real impact on real lives," he added.

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Redline CEO Rob Williams said that with the integration of the Virtual Fiber technology the partnership with Microsoft aims to "address the digital divide more effectively in the US and around the world."

According to a Broadband Progress Report by The Federal Communication Commission, approximately 19 million Americans, 6% of the population in the US, lack access to broadband connectivity.

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