Microsoft and Nielsen partner to drive retail innovation via AI

Microsoft and Nielsen's new data solution, Nielsen Connect, will aim to offer transparency for consumer measurement


Microsoft and Nielsen have announced a strategic alliance and has developed an AI-driven data solution, Nielsen Connect, to accelerate innovation within the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry powered by Microsoft Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing service.

The development of Nielsen Connect will work as a consumer measurement tool and will aim to provide an open data environment to offer advanced analytics and AI services powered by Azure.

The development aims to provide companies data assets with insights for results such as to optimize efficiency in discovering emerging trends, diagnose performance gaps and increase proficiency in implementing business growth opportunities.

According to Microsoft, the joint development of Nielsen Connect will aim to provide "a one-stop-shop" with scalable, high-performance data environment to offer companies real-time collaboration with efficient data-driven results.

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"The first critical step toward digital transformation, especially among retailers, is breaking down the barriers between customer and operational data to fuel insights for the business," said Judson Althoff, executive VP of Microsoft's Worldwide Commercial Business.

"Because retail happens wherever customers are and whenever they choose, Nielsen Connect provides high reliability at a global scale 24/7. Microsoft is a natural partner for Nielsen, trusted by global enterprises to protect their data and power their critical business solutions."

Additionally, Microsoft stated that from the alliance the companies will work towards their common goal to develop an open and connected data environment, "empowering a new generation of solutions for the fast-moving consumers good (FMCG) retail marketplace".

The Nielsen Connect platform is live and offers companies data insights derived from clients, retail point-of-sale data, consumer panel, e-commerce, fresh food and cross-platform media data. Additionally, Nielsen's Connect Partner Program will also provide its data derived from its "open ecosystem", a curated community of retailers and manufacturers.

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