MedLab Media Group to launch AI-powered medical search engine

Search engine powered by artificial intelligence to target internet users in the Middle East and North Africa's growing healthcare sector


Medlab Media Group (MMG), a Spanish startup, has developed DeepAIMed, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered medical search engine.

The platform was created to support the expansion of the healthcare sector in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. According to MMG, the healthcare sector in the MENA region is expected to be worth $150bn by 2020, which has led the startup to launch its new search engine which will be unveiled during an event in Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh later this month.

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Oleg Vorontsov, CEO at MMG, stated: "MMG's objective is to provide to the entire medical community equal opportunities by offering immediate access to information, regardless of geographic location and economic situation. MMG has the ambition to become a world reference in e-health, supported by blockchain technology, AI and encrypted communication systems."

According to MMG, DeepAIMed will incorporate medical information and datasets including 21,098 active ingredients, 7,937 technical datasheets and 1,510 laboratories, with the information stored within its AI system.

Additionally, the system will adopt graph and hypergraph theory, Kernel theory and natural language processing (NLP) to provide data-driven information for medical professionals. Equipped with knowledge, DeepAIMed will aim to analyze scientific texts to correlate known concepts, provide new information and categorize data according to relevancy.

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