Medal debuts ML and NLP platform to give data lifesaving context

The San Francisco-based medical startup has created a platform that extracts crucial medical data using machine learning and natural language processing systems


Medical data startup, Medal Inc, has announced the debut of its new platform which aims to extract, transform and use vast and fragmented patient data that can be presented to healthcare providers in an "efficient and meaningful" manner.

Medical error is the third leading cause of death in the US, according to John Hopkins University, and among the key factors behind this issue are lack of communication, access to crucial medical data and data sharing between health providers. Medal's new platform addresses this issue by extracting medical information from every source it is trapped in, including fax, printed paper and EMRs using machine learning and natural language processing (NLP).

Its system is able to match more than 300 medical attributes to each word of unstructured text, meaning clinicians find it much easier to gain access to and share lifesaving critical data.

The San Francisco-based company was founded by Lonnie Rae who was training for her medical degree when she realized that refining and processing medical data was the most effective way to provide care to the masses.

"Even if I was an incredible doctor and able to save the life of every person I touched throughout my whole career I would never be able to help as many people as I would if I focused on the inoperability," explained Rae an interview with DATAx.

"To provide quality patient care, quickly and cost-effectively, care teams must not only have access to critical data, they have to understand it," she added. "We founded Medal to solve a massive challenge facing our healthcare industry, which is overrun with fragmented data that often lacks context. The entire healthcare ecosystem will transform when information is easily accessible, easily understood and can be shared seamlessly, rapidly and securely."

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