Measuring Current Investor Interest in Cloud Computing and Mobile Tech

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No one can doubt the value cloud computing and mobile tech as brought to the public, both in a professional and personal sense. The convenience, the entertainment, and the profits ready to be reaped by large corporations and the everyday individual have led to newer mobile devices and more advanced cloud systems to be developed. Venture capital investors who did not originally jump on the trend are taking notice, but to what extent? How much confidence do they have in these industries and their ability to keep going up?

A survey conducted by Deloitte and the National Venture Capital Association, known as the Global Venture Capital Confidence survey, offers insights into the true interest and faith investors have in regards to cloud computing and mobile tech, as well as many other technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics.

1. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, in short, has hyper-digitized the way we store and interact with data. Its ability to store and share limitless information makes it possible for businesses and individuals alike to access, manage, and protect data from anywhere in the world. Additionally, with less equipment required and more focused systems, software and applications can be developed, modified, and accessed by businesses at any time, boosting productivity and profits.

-What do investors think? When measured on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest level of global investor confidence, cloud computing earned a ranking of 4.11. This makes it the most trusted and trending technology on the global market.

-Why is it so favored? As an almost completely digitized process, the initial costs of harnessing cloud computing are extremely low with a great potential for profit. Jim Atwell, the national managing partner of Deloitte's Emerging Growth Company, explained the appeal, "It's the low cost of capital to build a product and the ability to license it over and over again. It's a business model that's very attractive to the industry."

-Where this interest may lead: Cloud services are expected to triple from 2010 to 2016 due to the speed, convenience, and capabilities they offer. This appeal is encouraging many other industries to place a priority on hyper-digitizing all elements of how we interact, share, and create. With less equipment, less cost, and a significant boost in speed, investors may seek out other technologies that mirror the cloud’s approach to using the internet for lowering up-front capital.

2. Mobile Tech

Examples of mobile tech range from and include smart phones, laptops, GPS devices, tablets, and netbook computers. Everyone in the modern age owns at least one of these devices, be it for work or for personal use. The advances of AI assistants and self-thinking applications encourage many people to consistently seek out and rely upon the latest version.

- What do investors think? On the same ranking scale of 1 to 5, mobile tech earned 4.02, following just behind cloud computing and sitting above both robotics and the Internet of Things.

- Why is it so favored? With technology beginning to mirror Sci-Fi more than ever, countless people rely on mobile tech to enjoy the benefits of the future, with added convenience and greater speed. With this in mind, while mobile tech requires greater capital investment than cloud computing, it’s an industry that is steadily and widely growing.

- Where this interest may lead: Cloud computing and mobile tech are complementary industries; programs like Dropbox and iCloud allow users to access their information from anywhere with the help of their advanced mobile devices. With this in mind, many developers are seeking a way to close the gap between the two, lowering the capital investment while boosting the convenience. This will encourage confidence in investors, who will experience less risk and greater profit thanks to the digital age.

While cloud computing and mobile tech is no doubt favored among the public, investors are taking a steady interest in what it has to offer, cashing in on the growing trend. With this measured interest only going up, it’s safe to argue that these two industries will continue to advance and thrive, inspiring other developers to follow their trend towards mobility, security, and convenience.


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