Marketing Automation Software Reviews

TrustRadius runs down the best options on the market


Marketing Automation Software includes programs and technologies that allow marketing departments to more effectively complete and streamline tasks like email, phone, and social media to grow revenue faster and improve the alignment of marketing and sales. Not only does it have CRM integration capabilities, but it includes features like campaign management and marketing analytics. Do you want to increase web traffic? What about your company’s productivity? Continue reading for the top marketing automation solutions for 2018.


With 83% of the users being marketers from small and mid-size businesses, Hubspot is one of the most popular platforms on the market. Automate your email campaigns without using code and personalize each of them using details from your CRM. The visual editor feature allows you to map out your workflow in real time, whether the campaign is simple or multifaceted. Set up internal notifications to alert your team when a contact makes an important advancement. Overall, Hubspot is a comprehensive marketing solution that is user-friendly. Plus, Hubspot Academy offers video and classroom training to better understand the software.


Just like HubSpot, there’s minimal coding, but a higher percentage of users are from mid-size companies. From email marketing and landing pages to SEO and analytics, it allows you to engage with your prospects on a personal level, without the help of IT. Marketo allows you to trigger emails off behaviors like social shares, web visits, or check-ins at in-person events. It leverages activity and demographic based scoring to make funnel metrics more efficient, and it can track lead lifecycles and revenue stages from various reports.

Adobe Campaign

As part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Campaign integrates well with other Adobe systems like Analytics and Target. Because it’s used primarily by enterprises, it best manages larger scale campaigns across various channels, with heavy reporting. The workflow interface is good, and you can design campaigns both simple and complex. Adobe Campaign is the choice for you if your email marketing campaigns need more competitive analytics and challenging email streams. There’s even a feature that tracks previous behaviors and interests, so you can always personalize your emails to their fullest extent. In addition, it’s a solution for more dynamic CRM campaigns.

IBM Watson Campaign Automation

Managing email, social, mobile, and lead management campaign processes are made easier with IBM Watson Campaign Automation. It delivers consistent experiences, and provides analytical insights - several options are available to conduct reporting. Marketers can achieve consistency through the tracking of customer behavior through a multitude of sources, to better create an identity. If you’re a mid-sized company or enterprise looking for an automation system with detailed email marketing, this is a good choice. The mail-merge function adds a different dimension to your marketing approach.


If you’re a small business looking for a low-cost solution, this is a great option. The CMS capability is universal, and the email marketing is behavior based. Not only can you track your visitors and their journey, but the Visitor ID feature can identify business visitors’ organizations based on their IP address. It allows you to build landing pages and helps maintain your leads and bridges the gaps across departments, especially marketing and sales.


Another viable option for small businesses, onboarding and following up with customers is made easy with access to automated email campaigns, email builders, and templates. The email builder is user-friendly, and the automated campaigns are capable of alerting you when a customer takes action. It’s the equivalent of Hubspot but designed for smaller businesses, and nurtures leads just as effectively. It’s an affordable solution for beginners with an exceptional support desk.

Automating your digital communication workflow will speed up the process, and foster the relationships between your company’s departments. If you want to keep up with the demands of your industry and better understand how your customers are interacting with your interface, these marketing automation systems will propel you forward. Of course, the tools listed here aren’t your only options. Be sure to check out reviews of all marketing automation tools available to you on TrustRadius to better understand the landscape, and select software with confidence.


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