Managing relationships with customer loyalty software

Customers have high expectations of their businesses today and fostering loyalty has never been harder or more important


More and more business owners are working with web development companies to design and launch loyalty apps because the software makes it easier for companies to establish, maintain and monitor quality interactions with clients. Loyalty apps allow a business to stand out and become a prime choice for consumers in a world of increasingly heavy competition in digital marketing. The anticipation of a reward enriches the customer’s perceived quality of experience, making them more likely to recommend a business or product to their friends. Some apps even reward a customer just for walking into the store.

Loyalty apps are fun and they leave the customer feeling more satisfied with their overall shopping experience. Features like gift cards and discounts help attract new clients to companies (especially startups) with the allure of a perceived value of experience. Not only do loyalty apps entice the customer, they also give the company a stylish platform to manage client interactions. Working with a team of professionals on the design, production and launch of the application helps business owners to present a personalized vision of their brand. Many businesses are making use of these applications to advertise the benefits of their companies, but with such competition, it pays to partner with the right app developer if you want to make waves.

Whether you work with a company that specializes in Apple, or you prefer to work with A ndroid app developers, any marketing expert will tell you that it’s important for companies to manage the performance of their products. An important feature of loyalty apps is guided selling, the ability to produce products and suggestions based on the consumer’s interests and interactions. Push-notifications and e-mail marketing can suggest upsells tailored to customer preferences with the promise of more rewards.

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Remember to look for a few things when searching for the right developer. Take a look at their previous work and make sure they:

#1 Look great – Everything about your business’ mobile presence should look as good as your stores, your advertisements, and anything your organization puts its name on — and loyalty software is no exception. What looks good sells. Period.

#2 Prioritize user experience – Everything about the user experience should feel natural and convenient. For example, the right developer will consider how people hold their devices and design your app specifically catering to the way people hold their phones. One-handers account for half of all smartphone users and largely determine good design.

#3 Function equally on both the Apple and Android OS. The market is split between these two juggernauts, and so you need to find a developer that offers great apps for both.

Many application development agencies have produced successful apps to improve businesses, including a variety of reward programs available for different demographics. They encourage users to connect their social media profiles to the app, allowing for a broader span of user engagement. The best apps will focus on social engagement with the customer through email and SMS features, collecting and rewarding reviews from customers. Businesses would do well to choose an app developer that will work seamlessly with their business mandate.

Toronto-based Guaraná Technologies, for example, places their time and expertise at their client’s disposal. They pride themselves on the democratization of app development, and their experts focus on a relationship with the business owner, adopting the client into their team-oriented work environment allowing for a productive and relaxed partnership. Over the past five years, they’ve developed 82 apps for 16 million users.

Companies like this work with the client to develop a personalized business plan, a template, and a timeline for the integration of the loyalty app into the company’s advertising platform. The client is involved in every step, including UX and UI design. Services like this work because they function less as an arm’s length developer and more like a partner with the client. They maintain a competitive edge by focusing on fewer billing hours and a quick turnover.

These are only some top-notch ideas that should drive the development of your customer loyalty software. As a retail business, every single aspect of your new app should point toward conversion. Customer loyalty software helps business owners expand and strengthen a client base as well as monitor trends in a changing, competitive market. Mobile loyalty apps that reward customers are becoming essential to any business.

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