​Manage IT Before IT Manages You

IT management is about getting ahead


The growth in IT has brought about the need for more skilled workers who can handle the comprehensive maintenance of its complexities. As a business owner, you ought to understand and utilize newer technologies optimally so as to be competitive in the dynamic markets. Here are ways on how to introduce new technology and manage it well in order to increase efficiency in your operations.

How to introduce newer technology for your business

Introducing new technology is a process that may encounter some resistance from new users because it requires extensive training due to its complexities. Therefore, you ought to consult widely with your employees and other stakeholders of its viability so as to ease the transition processes. It's advisable to try and present some of the issues that you intend to address with the new technology so as to gain acceptance from the people who will be directly affected.


Conduct an investigation that will highlight some of the problems that the new technology will address and its projected solutions to the organization before you initiate its early introduction stages. Interview or consult with your staff and stakeholders such as suppliers and vendors to get their input about the new software or advanced processing tools before you introduce them into the operations of the organization. Introducing Big Data solutions that will facilitate stream processing of data is a viable step towards improving timely decision making for your organization, but should be introduced wisely for it to be a feasible techy move. Your employees should have an input in the type of technology you're introducing so as they can be motivated in embracing and utilizing its functionalities.


Implementation of a new technology can only be meaningful if it's successful. Although you'll require specialists or tech-savvy individuals to implement a new technology into the operations of your business, you ought to bring on board all the representative persons from various departments who will act as ambassadors in training the rest and facilitate its incorporation on a gradual basis. A new technology introduction can be managed properly if it's introduced and embraced gradually. When your employees are involved in the implementation process of the new technology, they are better able to manage its operations for maximum efficiency.


Once the technological advancements have been properly installed, you have to conduct periodical evaluations on its performance. The evaluations will help in solving both the actual problems and perceived issues so as to ensure the continuous smooth running of operations in your organization. A collaborative effort will ensure a clear integration of the new technology into your existing systems.

Using and managing the new technology

Accounting software - Regardless of whether you have a resident accountant or bookkeeper in your organization, investing in a credible accounting software will enable you to visualize your profits and losses by the click of a button. It will also help you in designing and maintaining a better budget for the company.

Planning software - A good planning tool, when properly managed, will help your business in keeping your calendar better organized.

Time tracking software - These tools help smart businesspeople to identify credible schedules or tasks that are profitable to avoid wasting time or experiencing unnecessary downtime. It will help you determine tasks that should be outsourced, improved or entirely removed from the company's operations. You should ask for a trial version of the software from the vendor to test its viability in managing the running of your business before you invest in the software.

Email management - You should find a way of streamlining all your emails to one address for efficiency. Using one email address to cover all your communications will be easier in coordinating operations.

Mobile internet access -Being able to access the internet on your mobile devices, regardless of your location will make the running of a business efficient. Your employees can use mobile devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets in generating reports and communicating with each other as they work.


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