​Long Game launches risk-free "Crypto Rewards" scheme

Personal finance app Long Game has begun rewarding users with "no-risk" access to crypto markets to incentivize millennials to save


The personal finance app Long Game which uses games and rewards to incentivize and encourage millennials to save money has launched its newest feature, Crypto Rewards.

Long Game app users create a profile and link their bank accounts to newly created interest-bearing savings account which are also FDIC-insured. As users save money, they are given the chance to earn extra points by playing games within the Long Game app. Those extra points were previously cash based but now users will have the option to redeem rewards in the form of high-quality crypto assets.

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The crypto assets available to users include ETH, BAT and Ox that are selected through rigorous testing that includes ensuring the assets potential positive impact, the team's caliber and its strength of utility. The company claims this is in line with the company overarching goals to foster healthy financial habits and educate users about crypto markets without them having to risk their own money in the murky waters of crypto markets.

"We believe that blockchain will fundamentally change finance and business as we know it even though investing in crypto assets is still risky," said Long Game CEO, Lindsay Holden.

"It's important for Long Game customers to learn about this exciting new frontier. Crypto Rewards will serve to educate our customers and introduce them to crypto markets while protecting them from the risk that comes with investing," she concluded.

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