Linode opens its first Canadian data center

New data center to target Toronto's growing developer community


Independent open cloud provider Linode has opened its latest global data center in Toronto, Canada.

Linode, whose cloud platforms are dedicated to the developer community, will target Toronto's fast-growing developer community, which accounts for approximately a third of Canada's developer community.

The company's 10th data center has become its first in Canada and joins a network of localized data centers in Tokyo, Frankfurt, London and Singapore.

"Our mission has been to democratize cloud worldwide," declared Linode founder and CEO Christopher Aker.

"By launching in Canada, we're making the power of our platform available to the hobbyist developer, the startup and the growing business," Aker added. "Now, tens of thousands of our customers and more than 500,000 developers can now deploy Linode to store their data on Canadian soil."

Linode looks set to continuing expanding its capacity and reach with plans in place to open data centers in in India and Sydney later this year.

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