Lenovo joins tech heavyweights moving to Beijing

Beijing's position as APAC's hub of innovation is further cemented as Lenovo joins the ranks of tech giants setting up shop in the forward-thinking Chinese capital


Last week, Chinese multinational technology colossus Lenovo officially opened a new campus in the Phase II Software Park in Zhongguancun, China's answer to Silicon Valley. The company's 10,000 employees will be located in the 120,000 sqm, six-floor building.

In its new location, Lenovo is nestled in a cluster of Chinese tech giants, including Tencent, Baidu, Netease and Sina, cementing Beijing's position as the beating heart of innovation in the APAC region.

"Lenovo is a global company with international operations," commented Gina Qiao, chief strategy and marketing officer at Lenovo. "The new corporate headquarters in Beijing provides an open space for all Lenovo employees around the world.

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"Our new campus features modern technology and sustainable design, and it is also a testament to Lenovo's commitment to each one of us," she added.

Zhongguancun houses 10 science and innovation parks that are home to a number of China's most significant tech giants and unicorns. It is an area The Global Times recently described as "a breeding ground of money, talent, ideas and knowledge, an entire ecosystem (where) startups, incubators, investors and multinationals thrive."

Zhongguancun-based companies now account for one-third of the yearly investment amount in China. 

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