Learning To Avoid The Worst App Development Traps

Development mistakes that can destroy your mobile app


Mobile app development is quite the phenomena, judging by their popularity right at this moment. Organizations might be teeming with brilliant mobile app ideas and want them to be transformed into reality, while some choose to take the services of a mobile app development agency.

However, the app development business is not an easy one and in order to successfully navigate a mobile app development project, you need to be absolutely clear on what are the mistakes that may occur during the development process and what you need to avoid. Here are some these worst app development tips that you must be careful about:

Fixed Solution is the Best Solution

It is wise of the mobile app development company to choose a fixed price model, as funds are often dependent on external entities like angel investors and crowd-funding. If you choose a Time and Materials Pricing model, it will give you the option of changing your project on the go, enabling you to develop quality apps. An estimation from your app developers is always there to assure you. However, if you choose a Mixed Model, you will get fixed budget and iterations. So, it is up to you to decide whether or not you will get all the advantages of fixed price and get flexibility at the same time.

Success with a Clear Solution from the Start

One thing which is absolutely necessary for the app developers is to obtain a clear and detailed specification. Although your specification is put in place, you must not be afraid of making changes. Mobile app development is quite complex in nature. So, it is indeed rarely possible for the app developers to plan out each and every part of the project and sometimes iterations are needed, to understand better and subsequently incorporating the changes in the app.

Do It As Cheap as Possible

It always pays off to develop your mobile app while incurring the lowest costs. But another factor that has more importance than the cost is the quality of the code developed. In this regard, you must take every caution while choosing the app developers. You should check the credentials on AppFutura or Clutch and then only decide as to whether the person will be able to render the quality of services you need.

Not to Waste Your Time on Wireframes

This is just a bad idea and it is always advisable to develop a wireframe of the mobile app that you are about to develop. It's wireframes that will give you the perception of your mobile app by giving an idea of what the final product will look like. It will help sketch out the the details of how your mobile app is going to behave, as you tap on the screen or even swipe out. Designing and developing your mobile app is quite expensive, so you need the wireframe, from making changes beforehand, even before your app is launched.

It is Always Good to Develop a Wonderful App

77% of apps suffer from abandonment within the first three days of the installation of the app. A successful app can deliver a wonderful user experience and a beautiful design. Your user must be able to draw more information about your app. One way lies in knowing more through the landing pages and another way is about App Store Optimization (ASO), that will always draw greater user attention.

Hybrid Apps are Always Cheaper to Develop

The mobile app developers will always want to develop an app using such a methodology that allows you to work on multiple platforms. If you have a smaller workforce, then you may choose to take the course of a hybrid app development. A hybrid app is developed with HTML 5 as well as native. So, developing it is a cheaper option. But, hybrid apps will never be able to access the more advanced native features.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

You need not develop the entire set of functionalities as mentioned in the app development specifications. You might have budget constraints and cannot afford to develop something with mistakes. It is advisable to take the route of Minimum Viable Product (MVP). These are early versions of an app, with enough features to test whether it has got viability in the market.

If you follow the above app development tips then you are almost sure to develop a quality app, rendering a seamless experience for the users.


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