KT develop new AI solution to address telecom failures

The South Korean telecommunication corporation's new AI, "Dr Lauren", can detect the flaws which lead to communication failures in under a minute


South Korea's largest telephone company, the KT Corporation, has revealed that it has developed a new AI system capable of detecting flaws in its telecommunication network which lead to failures. The firm has dubbed the new AI solution "Dr Lauren".

Dr Lauren analyzes the bevy of operational data produced by the network in search of possible flaws. The AI is capable of pointing out the reasons behind a failure within one minute of it occurring. Due to the scale of the firm's telecommunication network, this speed is necessary to prevent long cut-outs in service.

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Dr Lauren is based on another AI platform KT developed in 2017 called Neuroflow. However, Neuroflow was meant solely for internal use within KT as its operations intelligence platform, aiding with decision making. This latest iteration will be KT's first AI system to be injected inside the wider telecommunications sector.

KT is readying itself for the upcoming 5G revolution set to arrive in 2019 and has announced that Dr Lauren will be part of its "All-in Biz" line of products, a set of integrated management solutions designed for the firm's enterprise customers.

Speaking to The Korea IT Times, KT's head of the Convergence Technology Research Institute Lee Sun-woo said: "KT will continue to develop next-generation intelligent management technologies that can lead 5G and 4th industrial revolution."

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