Just 39% of American workers satisfied with employer's benefits package

Randstad survey finds that job perks have never been more crucial


Only 39% of American workers are happy with the benefits offered by their employer, according to a Randstad US survey. 94% of workers want their employers to ensure the benefits they are offered have a meaningful impact on their quality of life. Respondents suggested that benefits such as paying student loan debt and offering more flexible work arrangements have a huge impact on their satisfaction at work.

However, the same study found that only 48% of employees were aware of all the perks their employers offer. A further 40% said that they wanted their employers to help them understand what is available to them, demonstrating how crucial communication of the benefits is to a business.

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66% of workers agreed that substantial perks are the largest determining factor when considering a job offer, with 61% saying they would be willing to accept a lower salary if they were impressed by the benefits package. It was also found that 75% of workers prioritize health insurance when evaluating potential employer's benefits. Early Friday releases (33%) and flexible and remote working (26%) were also rated as important.

"With the rise of the agile workforce and flexible work arrangements, the lines between 'home' and 'work' are increasingly blurred," said Jim Link, chief human resources officer at Randstad North America. "But what's telling is that, although employees clearly express a desire for more freedom over where and how they work, when they are in the office, they take that time very seriously. That's why onsite amenities that make the workplace as comfortable and convenient as possible are still so attractive."

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