Israeli startup launches sleep training app based on big data analysis

dayzz has unveiled its latest offering, a sleep training app, aiming to equip US employers with a tool to optimize employee performance


Israel-based startup dayzz, a corporate sleep solution provider, has launched a sleep training app that leverages big data technology to analyze sleep behavior.

dayzz was established in 2017 with the intention to improve quality of sleep while decreasing sleep-related costs.

The new app is built for enterprise workforces and targets US employers "to help improve sleep while reducing employer costs related to decreased productivity, accidents and inefficient health care utilization", according to a statement the company made.

dayzz CEO Amir Inditzky explained: "There is a rising awareness that lack of sleep is extremely detrimental to overall health. We are also aware that people may have more than one sleep issue and that sleep is affected by more than just our nights.

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"If we can improve health and overall quality of life by improving sleep quality, costs incurred by employers due to insufficient sleep will drastically decrease. The healthcare system has a limited capability when dealing with a chronic condition such as sleep problems, but our digital platform provides a complete and easy-to-use solution that treats the individual, following up and ensuring progress."

dayzz outlined that in the US more than 30% of adults suffer from sleep-related issues and that an estimated 50-70 million Americans have a sleep disorder that affects their quality of life. "Insufficient sleep alone costs the US economy over $400bn a year, and sleep problems among employees is having huge financial implications on employers," dayzz stated.

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The platform integrates data derived from a variety of sources from within the users' phone such as mobile sensors (e.g., light, noise) and monitoring devices (e.g., Fitbit). With the aggregated data, the app will develop a personalized sleep training program for the user, including timed tasks, reminders and motivational feedback in accordance with time-of-day, mind frame and environment. "The plan constantly evolves and improves depending on each person's training progress and personal needs," dayzz outlined

The app can be downloaded from the Google play store and Apple App Store but is currently only offered in the US, the company has not announced any plans of global expansion. 

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