Is Your SEO Winning or Losing

Putting Together a Winning SEO Plan


With all the opportunities you have to promote your brand, where does search engine optimization (SEO) fall on the list of importance?

Unfortunately, too many business owners either don’t have the skills, time or energy to implement a winning SEO platform. As a result, they have less traffic coming back to their website, meaning ultimately less revenue.

If your efforts to get traffic back to your site have stalled in recent times, look at how SEO can turn things around.

Put Together a Winning SEO Plan

In order to have a winning SEO plan in place, you may have to look outside your company for help.

If that’s the case, how do you know how to go about finding an effective seo agency?

Some of the items to keep in mind include:

  • Experience – First and foremost, find an SEO agency that has some history behind it. Sure, some newer ones might claim to be experienced, but can they truly back it up? Find an SEO provider who has been in business for a number of years, has evidence to prove that they can deliver for you, and are not afraid to put their money where their mouth is.
  • References – As a leader, you know just how important references are in the business world. You want to locate an SEO provider who's customers are more than happy to recommend them. This means the provider does solid work, delivers on-time work, and is always there to provide feedback and/or customer service support. While an agency may provide you with SEO expertise, are they there for you if things do not go according to plan? Are they there for you if you have questions regarding implementation and/or results? Lastly, are they always looking to improve your SEO results, not to just settle for mediocrity? Always look for an agency that comes highly recommended and is willing to put its reputation on the line for your business;
  • Timing – Always keep an eye out for those SEO providers that say they can deliver solid SEO results overnight. Face it; you did not build your business in a night, so solid SEO results do not happen overnight either. Your SEO provider should sit down with you and detail a well-structured SEO plan that will bring you solid results over time. Sure, over time doesn’t mean several years, but it means over the coming weeks and months. Make sure you go with an SEO provider who is willing to detail the results (good and bad) of any and all SEO campaigns they deploy for your brand.

Getting your brand out in front of countless eyes is always a top priority as a business owner.

You may have the best product or service in the world, but if only a few people are seeing and/or hearing about it on a regular basis, can you really make a living from that?

With the right SEO plan in place, your brand can do a bunch more winning than losing.

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