​Is Video Marketing Right For Your Business?

Video marketing can capture an audience’s attention like no other marketing strategy


Many business owners wonder if video marketing is right for them, particularly in smaller companies. Most think they can get by without it and continue using their normal marketing techniques, while some even believe that because they're small there’s no need to implement such big marketing strategies. 

Since social media came onto the scene, the marketing platform is now leveled for small businesses. With 3.2 billion internet users worldwide, which was reported as of 2015, according to the International Telecommunication Union, every business owner should be taking advantage of enhancing their online sales potential. Additionally, video marketing stimulates more interest in your business by allowing companies to present themselves to the world in their own unique way.

The Amazing Effects of Video Marketing

If you’re not taking advantage of video marketing, you’re leaving a lot of marketing and branding opportunities on the table. Video marketing can capture an audience’s attention like no other marketing strategy. Long gone are the days when video marketing was an emerging marketing trend, but video marketing is a viable component of the overall marketing strategy that's here to stay.

When combined with other marketing tactics, video marketing can lead the pack with respect to capturing your audience’s attention, and here’s why.

- Many people will watch a marketing video from beginning to end, so you have a chance to share your whole story

- Video marketing allows you to share your brand in a very impactful way, a way that sticks with consumers long after they’ve watched the video.

- Tell your brand’s story your way – exactly the way that you want to. In a way that best represents you and your business.

- Take the time to share your values, mission, and purpose

- Enhance your relationship with your customers

How Not Using Video Marketing Can Hurt You

While some companies may still be contemplating as to whether or not they should be using video marketing as a part of their marketing strategy, others (who are likely your competitors,) have caught on to the benefits of video marketing. Also, because video marketing has fully emerged, many consumers are expecting to learn more about your business through video marketing.

Did you know that if videos are strategically placed on the web, particularly on a landing page, that the sales conversion rate could be increased by as high as 80%? Did you also know that at least 92% of mobile users have shared videos that they’ve received on their mobile devices?

Who’s Using Videos?

Not only is video marketing exceptionally engaging, but it also tremendously boosts user interaction. Videos are watched by an astonishing amount of users worldwide, including:

1. College students, mainly because roughly 86% of colleges and universities have a web presence using online videos.

2. B2B businesses, because of their increase in video use in their marketing campaigns, roughly 96% of B2B companies use video marketing and 73% reported a positive ROI.

3. US Online Marketers - they have added mobile campaigns to their annual marketing budgets which include video marketing.

Tracking Results

You can also start small and track your results to see what kinds of feedback you’ve received. You'll also notice how using subtitle services can greatly enhance your efforts, resulting in you being able to easily reel in more customers.

Feeling a Little Camera Shy?

If you’re feeling a little camera shy and simply don’t feel comfortable being in front of the camera, don’t worry. There are all kinds of ways that you can pull off creating a great video without being in front of the camera. You can focus on your product and let it be the main attraction, or you can hire someone to be out front for you. It's done all the time, yet there are still millions of great videos being created each and every day. Video marketing is a growing trend that’s well needed for businesses to gain more exposure and remain competitive.

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