Is BI At A Tipping Point With The Growth Of Big Data

As Big Data grows, Business Intelligence is reaping the rewards. Are we about to see it hit its tipping point?


Many have considered Big Data to be the overall data programme at a company. The truth is that it should be looked at as the collection and storage of the data, with Business Intelligence and Analytics being the end goal.

These two functions require not just data volume, but also data quality. They work on the idea that ‘garbage in, garbage out’. If the data that gets fed into these processes is no good, then the analysis and eventual business insights will be equally poor.

So, when we talk about the growth of Big Data, it is not only in the amount of data that is being collected, but the quality of it. The more people are collecting, the more they realise that it needs to be of a certain quality in order to truly benefit the company.

A concentration on building data quality rather than just data size is bringing business intelligence to the tipping point. Many companies have already seen several useful insights from their business intelligence department, but with the added opportunities that Big Data has brought, these are likely to increase.

Data gathering and cleaning will only increase as more insights are gained from the use of the business intelligence, creating an upwards spiral where business intelligence departments have more findings that companies benefit from.

The question is going to be whether they will be able to keep up with the demand, but ultimately for a department that has often been under appreciated, it is a nice problem to have.

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