Interactive Content: 4 Innovative Lead Gen Ideas

Content marketing is getting more competitive and just creating good content may not be good enough


Almost everyone doing online business needs more and better leads. But the whole lead generation process is tough since you have to create good content that’s so appealing and compelling to convince your viewers to share what they see.

Interactive content is the best way to achieve that. In fact, about 88% of online marketers who have embraced interactive content recorded that it was effective in distinguishing their content from that of competitors. This shows that interactive content is made to enhance engagement.

What if there is a way to reach your lead generation goals with interactive content that actually bring more leads to your business? This idea of generating leads is, in fact, a possibility. To get you started, we’ve detailed some innovation lead gen ideas that will provide the results you’re looking for.


Quizzes or polls are very well known types of interactive content. They have been described as a lead generation tactic before. Quizzes can be used for fun, but businesses use them to their advantage, especially for education purposes.

This is an effective way to use interactive content to generate leads. Similarly, you can also use quizzes to help your sales teams gather important information about your prospect.

Interactive White Papers

White papers are considered the best forms of interactive content. In fact, you can easily find services like Best Essays AU that allows users to order a quality paper that is written by professional writers. Today, white papers tend to contain detailed information, which isn’t so attractive to some readers. But, from a different angle, white papers provide a lot of info about how your content can be consumed than an ordinary paper.

An interactive paper allows you to see which sectors were viewed by your readers, whether they sought help from interactive widgets and the type of data they entered. This information is important for you and your team to help you generate leads.

Interactive Infographics

Humans are highly visual creatures. Interactive infographics control that and they provide us with cool gadgets to make it fun and interesting. Infographics are a great way to present conclusions from data analysis. According to  Content Preference Survey, a report by Demand Gen, about 80% of online marketers share infographics sometimes or often.

Infographics are quickly becoming ideal tools for the success of a business. There are so many ways to get leads from interactive infographics, but the most common are the downloadable version of the infographics. With these, you can ask the user a few questions, then present them on the infographic depending on how they were answered. I would recommend using and to create interactive infographics.


Video can be used in many ways. You can record a webinar on your blog or site. Or upload a video of your content on YouTube. Or use tutorials from an embedded video on your website or blog. Either way, it’s all for lead gen.

For YouTube videos, you can add an annotation, which are little tags that are embedded in your videos on YouTube that allow the user to hop around from one video to another or one URL to another.

Content marketing is getting more competitive and just creating good content may not be good enough. Interactive content will help you achieve lead generation success, and this can only be achieved by having a great product, presenting the product to the right audience, and giving your visitors a reason to want the product.

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