Intel claims 90% of all 5G data usage will be video

The report which was released in partnership with Ovum predicts the 5G will inject $1.3 trillion into the economy with AR and VR gaming becoming much bigger players


Intel and Ovum have released a new report detailing their expectations around the growth of 5G. One of the more surprising claims in the report was the forecast that video content alone will account for 90% of 5G's data usage across the US. It also predicted that the popularity of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) would also grow, so much so that by 2028, gaming will account for more 5G AR data (90%) than industrial use.

These predictions track with the two companies claim that the new 5G network is going to inject $1.3 trillion into the economy through a myriad of entertainment avenues. Individual monthly video data usage will increase from an average of 11.7GB per subscriber in 2019 to 84.4GB by 2028.

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However, individual video data consumption will not increase because users' viewing time has increased or because resolutions have further improved. AR and VR tech will give content providers the ability to create more immersive experiences, allow them to embed more media into our content, and even begin producing content which utilizes "responsive haptic clothing".

Technology like responsive haptic clothing will allow viewers to "feel the vibrations and torque of driving a Formula One race car, the breeze of an African savannah, or the thrill of the bass at a U2 concert", the report explained.

These advancements will turn content consumption into a multisensory experience and 5G capabilities will allow that experience to be mobile.

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