Integrated Strategy Execution Video Series

How the best performing organizations out-execute competition


This video series consists of 4 parts.

1. Why organizations struggle to execute strategy highlights the reasons why many organizations struggle with strategy execution. As a Harvard Business review reported around 70% of leading organizations failed to execute their strategies, the question “why?” is becoming more and more crucial. So, why is it so hard to execute your strategy?

The presenter Paul Docherty provides examples from the Strategy Planning stage. Here you will find most common challenges the majority of executives face and discover a few tips on how to close the gap between strategy and execution.

2. How the best out-execute the rest looks at the concepts best performing organizations use to consistently out-execute their rivals. In this episode we will be looking at the DNA of the business systems that have enabled global leaders to consistently outperform their competition. Uncovering the secrets of best performing organizations, you will get insights into the tools and methods they use.

3. The journey towards World class strategy execution outlines the way organizations progress towards a World Class Strategy Execution system.

Learn what Strategy Execution Maturity Model is and what best practices different organizations adopt to drive their strategy execution. This Maturity Model helps understand various stages of the journey towards a World Class Strategy Execution.

4. Teaching the business to fish shares one of the tactics that can help you move your organization up the Strategy Execution Maturity curve.

Daily management is the foundation of strategy execution. In this video explains the strategies you can use to effectively run daily management. Discover how you can successfully manage the two parts of strategy execution: running business and transforming it.

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