Instagram releases "A Parent's Guide" to help keep teens safe online

"A Parent's Guide" is a new resource from Instagram to help parents manage their children's safety, privacy and time management on the platform


Instagram has announced the creation of "A Parent's Guide", a resource intended to help parents unfamiliar with the app to keep their teens safe when on the platform. In its blog, Instagram mentions the sense of "great responsibility" it feels and how it understands the desire parents and guardians have to ensure Instagram is a safe place for their children.

Instagram has already developed tools such as comment control and the ability to report unwanted interactions on the platform. The company said it understood that many parents and guardians have difficulties navigating Instagram and wanted them to feel comfortable that their children are safe while on the social media platform.

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The guide focuses on three main areas: Privacy, interactions and time. It provides a basic explainer on how the app and tools within the app function, and includes a "discussion guide for how parents and guardians can have an open conversation with their teens about Instagram".

Marne Levine, the chief operating officer at Instagram, shared her personal feelings and reasons behind the decision to launch the guide.

"I work at Instagram, and I'm also a parent. That's the lens I bring into the office each day, just like many other parents who work here," she remarked. "We know the social media landscape will continue to change, and we're committed to being here every step of the way to make sure parents and their teens have the tools they need to make the choices that are right for them."

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