Instagram Marketing Benefits For E-Commerce Brands

It's now the most important social media platform for reaching young people


Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms, with 15 times more engagement than Facebook. It is the current favorite among social media platforms and all businesses must make the most of it. E-commerce brands must take the fullest advantage of its popularity. Remember, Instagram could be immensely beneficial for your e-commerce brand. Here are some benefits for e-commerce brands.

Getting Easy Access to the High-Spending Young Crowd

Instagram is the social media platform for youngsters. Around 53% of Internet users in the age bracket of 18 to 29 years are active on Instagram. One common characteristic of a young crowd is that they all love to splurge. Many youngsters are working but they have hardly any expenses. They, therefore, have lots of spare cash to burn. Instagram helps e-commerce businesses to reach the younger crowd and freely interact with spendthrift potential customers. This could be treated as a great beginning to a robust customer relationship which could last through the decades to come.

Able to Create Brand Awareness via Repetition

One of the most effective ways of penetrating public consciousness is simply through repetition. If the audience is exposed to your brand pretty frequently, they would soon be recognizing it easily. Instagram is a wonderful interactive platform where you could consider posting multiple times every day and you could even go on repeating some posts. The Instagram timeline is forever moving forward and never stops. As such, the possibility of a follower taking a look at your post seems to be quite small, even though he spends a lot of time on the platform.

When you post through the day, make sure that you are keeping your logo and branding consistent so that your followers can easily track the connection between your branding and your company and associate your logo automatically with your company.

Unrestricted Access to the Audience

One of the drawbacks of Facebook is that it compels companies to pay for their services towards marketing and promotion. When Facebook was launched in the year 2004, it had to identify an effective way of making money from its humongous user base. One of its most successful strategies was to restrict the business pages’ organic reach unless, of course, you start paying for Facebook advertising.

Fortunately, Instagram imposes no such restrictions or limitations. Today all your Instagram followers enjoy free and full access to all your posts. You must exploit this opportunity and take the fullest advantage of this unrestricted access.

Instantaneous Posting across a Number of Channels

Whenever you are uploading a photo to Instagram, you have the freedom to cross-post the same picture to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and even Tumblr. This is really very helpful and convenient for people who are running short of time and it is hugely beneficial to you if you are thinking of sharing your Instagram photo across multiple audiences.


You must keep these amazing advantages of Instagram marketing in mind while promoting your e-commerce brands.


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