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We spoke with Josh Nedeljkovic, Deliveroo Hong Kong's Head of Strategic Projects


Deliveroo's growth has been astounding, with the brand capitalizing on the shift to mobile and the growth of food delivery services more widely. Driven by its rapid expansion across the UK and abroad, 2016 was a big year for Deliveroo, with Business Insider reporting that revenue growth was as high as 611%, taking it to £129 million ($181 million). It has powerful rivals in the form of Uber Eats and other mobile delivery services, but a strong digital and mobile strategy has seen Deliveroo take its place at the very top. 

Josh Nedeljkovic is the Head of Strategic Projects of Deliveroo Hong Kong, the leading on-demand food delivery platform founded in London in 2013. Josh joined Deliveroo in late 2016 and has helped to scale the business across the region focused on developing Deliveroo's strategic initiatives.

Ahead of his presentation at the Digital Marketing & Strategy Innovation Summit this April 18 - 19 in Hong Kong, we sat down with Josh to talk all things digital at the delivery giant, from the fundamentals of digital strategy to data and UX design. 

What, in your view, are the key components of a successful digital marketing strategy?

First things first, having the right product that customers love to use and come back to is the most important factor to consider before even starting a digital marketing strategy. It doesn't matter how many new customers you can acquire if the product itself isn't solving some sort of problem or creating value for the consumer so that they'll come back for more. Knowing what the real benefit of the product is to a customer and how to differentiate this from other players in the same space is extremely important in an evermore competitive world. Lastly, making sure that whatever channels being used are relevant for the target audience. What works for B2B sales will be very different for a mass consumer brand so making sure the relevant channels are used will not only be more effective but also much more efficient!

How much of a focus on UX is there at Deliveroo? And can you tell us about the brand’s approach to it?

In the broad sense of making sure every user has a great experience there is a huge focus on this across the company. For Deliveroo there are various users of our product: customers, restaurants and riders and the experience for each of these parties is very different. Whether it be creating the the best in-app experience to make ordering easier for customers, having the best restaurant selection available or the most comprehensive mapping software for riders, having the mindset of making the best end-user experience is always a priority.

How central is data to Deliveroo’s product development?

At Deliveroo we use data to make decisions everyday. Analyzing customer habits, what types of food people like to order and what gaps there may be in a given neighborhood helps drive our product development for projects such as Deliveroo Editions, our central kitchen concepts that are being built around the world.

What will you be discussing in your presentation?

I'll be talking specifically about the launch of Deliveroo Editions in Hong Kong, from inception to execution. Last year when we spoke at the summit it was in the idea phase and since then we've launched the first site in Wan Chai, with 6 custom built delivery only kitchens. From a customer perspective Deliveroo Editions increases the restaurant selection in a given area making sure there are more choices and from a restaurant perspective we help operators expand their business by helping out with the initial CapEx investment. I hope to share more about the learnings from this project and how we brought it to market. 

Hear more from Josh, along with many other industry-leading executives paving the way in digital, at the Digital Marketing & Strategy Innovation Summit this April 18 - 19 in Hong Kong. Check out the full schedule here.

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